The Story

One morning in the fall of 2021, I woke up with honey on my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about it... how honey is sweet and sticky and can fill any container completely, whether it be a jar or a hole in a tree! After praying, thoughts of honey led to thoughts of beeswax. Specifically about how beeswax is an afterthought, a useful byproduct of the harvest of honey. By using not only the honey, but also the wax, nothing is wasted.

FOUND Candles has been created on the premise that beeswax is a "found" material, after the honey is harvested, which is hand poured into the unique vessels, which are "found" and repurposed in a new way, just as we are "found" and filled with the light of Christ when we come to recognize Jesus as our Saviour.

Each unique vessel is carefully hand picked at local antique and second hand stores in Huron County, Ontario and hand poured in small batches with 100% pure, local beeswax which is bought from a local apiary.

Then in the fall of 2023 I went to a Creative Retreat in Beaufort, South Carolina, hosted by Melissa Lyons Art. Melissa and I have been friends online for years and I went more with the intention of spending some time with my friend in person, but what I found that weekend was a deep love and desire to paint! I have been artistic all my life, but painting has never been a medium I've been drawn to. Funny enough, my first paintings were of beeswax candles! Since then I've just painted what's on my heart that day, so there is an eclectic mix of subjects! I hope that you will find one that sparks joy in you and anyone who sees it in your home!