Make Firestarters With Left Over Wax


Do you have some extra wax from your taper candles that you don't want to waste? You don't have to! Using simple items you have around home, you can make firestarters. These firestarters are safe to use in your home fireplace or woodstove, as welll as outside in the firepit!

Items Needed:

  • leftover wax
  • clean empty metal can (like a soup can)
  • empty egg carton
  • dryer lint 

Add your extra wax to a clean, empty metal can (be sure to remove the label) and place carefully in the oven at 250 degrees.

While you wait for your wax to melt, put dryer lint into the cups of the egg carton

Once wax is melted, carefully (the can will be hot!) pour the melted wax over the lint

When dry, break apart the egg carton cups. Each cup will be its own firestarter!

Watch a reel on how-to here!

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