Local Perks

  • Bring back your FOUNDCandle vessel for $10 off your next pour! ($5 off vessels 5 oz and under)
  • Save on shipping with Local Pick up!  (Huron County, ON)
  • Mailbox pickups available
  • e-transfer or cash payments accepted (along with credit cards/paypal)
  • I can pour a candle in your own beloved vessel
  • When looking for your own vessel, consider:
    • metal,
    • ceramic,
    • pottery or
    • thick glass.
  • Choose a vessel with:
    • wide mouth,
    • uniform shape,
    • material that is heat safe,
    • and if porous (like pottery), is glazed inside 
  • Contact me with a picture, ounces it holds and the width of the mouth and I will let you know what the cost would be to create your personalized FOUNDCandle!

options for found vessels that can be poured into candles: metal, thick glass, pottery, ceramic

Contact me with a picture and how much water it holds and I will give you a price quote



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